Yolanda is a wonderful worker and we are very satisfied with the Homemaker Services that IMS is providing for my brother Deloyd Austin.

-Cornelia Brodis

I am completely satisfied with your services. I appreciate the effort of your Supervisor, Tenisha Johnson, for accepting some of our cases. Your staff listened to my concerns regarding services and sent replacement workers whenever my regular workers were unavailable to do services.

-Sydney Poole

Everything is well with Gloria – very satisfied with the services. I am truly thankful that IMS found a good match for my father. The worker comes and leaves on time, she completes her hours of services, and takes care of all my father’s needs. This is a great blessing and takes so much weight off our shoulders. Thank you so much for all you do! – Raj

-Harban Dhiman

I would like to thank the staff at IMS for taking the time to listen to me and my concerns regarding services I needed. Talking to Tess and Dan, I felt certain that I would be taken care of. Over time, I had built a fantastic relationship with my worker! Unfortunately, I did move to Little Rock, Arkansas however, if I did move back, I’d love to continue my services with IMS.

-Vincent Perkins

Upon my discharge, I was excited to resume my daily activities with my caregiver, Stella. Unfortunately, I learned that I was transferred to Matrix Homecare and would be receiving care with someone else. I was disappointed and immediately called the VA requesting that my services came from IMS and that I could keep Stella as my caregiver. IMS has been great and very patient with my case.

-David Robinson